You are hereJuly 4th - Prelude to the Next Task Force Meeting

July 4th - Prelude to the Next Task Force Meeting

By cpitts - Posted on 04 July 2008

Waban Library

Next Step: schedule a meeting of the task force to flesh out our proposal and determine who and what will be needed to provide necessary details. Please let me know your availability but I would like a weekday evening within the next few weeks.

 Prior to this meeting, please take a few minutes and read the following short articles:

Two very thought provoking articles on the future of libraries from Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute. Sometimes referred to as the "Dean of Futurists."

The Future of Libraries Beginning the Great Transformation

Creating the Ultimate Information Experience Planning Our Next Generation Libraries

How to Make Your Library Great 14 lessons from local libraries all over the continent.


Two more things:

  •  Please login at the website. As administrator, I am the one to activate your login. This will allow you to decide which newsletters you want to subscribe to (see below.) All personal information is kept private. As the website grows, it will become more useful to everyone in Waban. Please encourage all your neighbors to get involved.
  • I would also ask that any of you who are not currently members of the Waban Improvement Society, please visit the website and join by paying the $20 annual dues which are tax deductable.


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