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Parking meters back in Waban

By cpitts - Posted on 14 April 2009

Dear fellow Waban neighbor,

There is a meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 at City Hall room 202, of the Public Safety and Transportation Committee of the Board of Alderman with public comment on installation of additional meters and increased of hours and rates of existing meters. As it stands now, the installation of meters in Waban square passed the BOA but the Mayor has said he will not act on it - commit the money. It is expected that this committee (Vice Chaired by Vicky Danberg, who has been a staunch advocate of meters in Waban Square) will measure the level of the public's opposition, then decide whether to proceed with a resolution asking the Mayor to put in the meters.

It would be helpful if we had a strong presence at the meeting - it is an election year and some Alderman are particularly sensitive to public opinion for the next six months.



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